Stephen Morgan

M.A., M.B., B.Chir., FRCOphth., D.O.

Qualified in medicine from Cambridge University after undergraduate training in Cambridge and at St Thomas’s Hospital London. First Class Honours from Cambridge and Mead Medal winner at St. Thomas’s.

During training worked in London, Croydon, Newcastle upon Tyne and Southampton where he was Senior Registrar.

Attended Moorfields Eye Hospital, London for 3 months attachment training in management of corneal diseases.

Consultant at Sunderland Eye Infirmary since 1991 where he still works part time.

Stephen was the lead corneal surgeon in Sunderland for many years. He innovated throughout his career there, being the first corneal specialist at that hospital, the first in Sunderland to perform the developing techniques of deep lamellar and endothelial corneal transplants, and learning to insert corneal implants and perform other treatments for keratoconus. He trained many surgeons in corneal transplantation along the way.  Stephen also pushed through the introduction of serum eye drops for severe dry eyes and was instrumental in collaboration with ENT surgeons on lacrimal (tear drainage) problems.

Stephen was also the infection control lead and undergraduate education lead for many years.

In recent years Stephen has reduced his commitment to operating and focussed on the ever increasing demand for YAG laser treatments. During the COVID-19 pandemic he set up and continues to run a one-stop, see-and-treat YAG laser service in Sunderland which has helped to keep waiting times down. A similar service is now available through Site for Eyes in Gosforth and provides major sight restoration for patients who have had implant lenses and who have lost visual performance due to implant-related scarring. The improvement in vision resulting from YAG laser can be marked.

Stephen has considerable experience around problems related to corneal laser refractive surgery although he is not active in performing corneal laser. He also continues his interest in dry eye and related problems.

Outside work, Stephen has keen interests in conservation and bird watching, and enjoys hiking and gardening. He has also taken part in charitable medical work in India.