The Technology

All procedures are performed in our custom designed operating theatres.

The Laser and Diagnostic Equipment

The SCHWIND AMARIS 750S impresses with a pulse frequency of 750 Hertz and ensures an extremely short treatment time. One dioptre of myopia is corrected with very high precision in only 1.5 seconds. This excimer laser platform, combines a proven clinical track record, with the best options for wavefront-guided laser treatment, improved eye tracking and the ability to create a more natural post-treatment corneal shape.

Your eye’s optical system contains many aberrations, all of which can affect your quality of vision. We use advanced diagnostic technology options, allowing treatment to be specifically tailored to your personal prescription.

The Schwind Peramis is a multifunctional combination of a state of the art topography device and wavefront analyser. The optical characteristics of the cornea and the entire eye are analysed in a single measuring procedure. It evaluates the ocular wavefront aberrations with an unprecedented 45,000 measuring points – without any overlap and with clear assignment of each point. Together with real-time measurement, this ensures a new level of detail resolution and precision. The topography device identifies even the smallest corneal irregularities at a very high resolution of one micrometre. The result is extremely precise diagnosis of corneal and ocular aberrations.

The Schwind Sirius offers the perfect combined solution for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery. The highly precise, multi-functional diagnostic device provides a quick, three-dimensional analysis of the entire cornea and anterior segment of the eye, in only one step and in less than one second. With a high resolution of one micrometre the diagnostic system detects the smallest of irregularities on the anterior corneal surface and therefore offers an extremely precise diagnosis of the aberrations. This non-contact measurement allows analysis of the total corneal wavefront and shape of the anterior and posterior corneal surface.
The combined Schwind advanced and thorough diagnostic system uses the optical map and corneal map to generate a customised treatment plan for each eye and reduce more of the optical errors, thereby improving outcomes. This allows our surgeons to make a more informed decision about whether it is safe to treat and the type of treatment most suited to your eyes.

Eye Tracking System

The Schwind Amaris 750S incorporates a 6 dimension eye tracking system. The eye tracker camera monitors the position of the eye 1050 times per second with a latency time of 1.6 milliseconds. Altogether, the total reaction time of the laser system is only three milliseconds. As a result each laser pulse is placed in exactly the correct spot on the cornea during treatment. Any involuntary eye movements are therefore compensated for and if the eye moves too far out of position for safe treatment, the laser is automatically cut off. This ensures a high degree of safety and accuracy with every treatment.

Highest Level of Standards

All surgical procedures are carried out by a Consultant Ophthalmologist. Our surgeons are all fully accredited by the Royal College of Ophthalmologists having completed full higher surgical training and are on the Specialist Register of the General Medical Council as Ophthalmologists.
The aim of our facility is to provide the highest standard of refractive surgical treatment to suitable patients. The unit runs an extensive research programme into excimer laser treatment. Based on the research results numerous scientific presentations to national and international conferences have been given by members of staff since the unit’s inception. Patients attending the unit for treatment are already benefiting from some of these research developments.