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Refractive surgery consultation
Free (if eligible)
Other consultations
Consultations for patients having had refractive surgery elsewhere

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Customised Laser Treatment

LASIK / Advanced Surface Ablation (SmartSurf)
(inc. Aberration Free, Corneal Wavefront and Ocular Wavefront treatments)
£1,900 per eye

Refractive lens exchange and cataract surgery

Refractive Lens Exchange
With the option to include additional services listed below
from £2,800 per eye
Standard aspheric monofocal implant
£100 per eye
tandard aspheric monofocal implant
£100 per eye
Toric implant
£500 per eye
Accommodating implant
£500 per eye
Multifocal implant
£500 per eye
Toric Multifocal or bespoke special order implant
from £900 per eye

Other procedures

YAG capsulotomy after Lens Surgery
(no charge if within 3 years of initial surgery)
£350 per eye
Limbal relieving incisions (LRI)
£850 per eye
Phakic implants
from £2,600 per eye
Collagen cross-linking treatment
£950 per eye

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We will be happy to give prices for all other treatments available at the time of consultation.

Interest free credit available (10% deposit and balance payable in equal instalments over 10 months commencing one month after surgery).**

* Consultation fee applies to patients having had no prior refractive procedures. This fee is refundable against the cost of treatment if treatment is booked within 6 weeks of Assessment Consultation.

** Finance options need to be arranged at least one week prior to the day of surgery, please contact the site for eyes office to make arrangements.

All prices are correct at time of going to press but are subject to change without notice.

Credit card (VISA and MasterCard) payments carry a 3% surcharge. This surcharge does not apply to payments for initial consultation appointment.