Frequent Questions

How do I know if I am suitable for refractive surgery?

You need an assessment consultation when we will look at the general health of your eyes, discuss treatment options, possible complications and results you can expect.

How much experience do your doctors have in surgery?

Read about our surgeons on 'the surgeons' page.

Is surgery painful?

The majority of refractive surgical procedures are carried out under local anaesthetic, pain or discomfort at the time of surgery is uncommon. It is very unusual for there to be pain following LASIK or intraocular lens procedures. Occasionally a patient will complain of gritty, uncomfortable eyes after LASIK or intacs. Pain is a common side-effect of LASEK(PRK).

When will I be able to perform my normal activities?

Most patients will have adequate vision to resume normal activities the day after the procedure, except after LASEK(PRK) where this may take up to one week.

Is the surgery permanent?

Excimer laser surgery does permanently alter the shape of your cornea. This does not mean that your refractive error will not change. If you are going to naturally become more short or long sighted then this will still occur. With Intacs, the segments can be removed or replaced and therefore the procedure is adjustable. In most cases when the segments are removed the original prescription will return. Intra-ocular implants can also be removed or replaced. If your own lens has been removed the effect is permanent.

What is the success rate with refractive surgery?

This depends on your ocular health and refractive error and is better discussed at the initial consultation with the surgeon.

How much is the initial consultation?

The initial consultation fee is 75

How much does surgery cost?

The cost is dependent upon procedure performed and will be discussed at your assessment consultation, however, a guide to our current prices can be found on the 'price list page'.

Do I have to pay for each post-operative visit?

We offer unlimited free aftercare - until your surgeon is satisfied your optimum outcome has been reached.