What our patients say

A selection of quotes taken from our comments book

"It is almost a year since having LASIK on both eyes - done 3 months apart. I cannot fault 'site for eyes' in any way. Mr Danjoux gave clear unbiased advice and did not play down risks/disadvantages. My procedures were straight forward and I am delighted with the results. It's great to take my kids swimming and be able to see what they are doing properly. As others have said, I wish I'd had this done 10 years ago and would recommend 'site for eyes' to anyone.”

16th August 2011 - Ruth

"Back for 1st weekly check up. Both eyes "done" 20.7.11 Brilliant, no problem. Thank you to Mr Danjoux and team. Wish I had it done years ago.”

26th July 2011 - Anon

"Had 'lasik' to left eye end of March 2011. Now have monovision. Had no problems whatsoever. No pain afterwards and now have perfect sight. I wish I had done this years ago. Mr Danjoux gave perfect advice + is an excellent surgeon. I would definately recommend 'site for eyes' to friends and family.”

5th July 2011 - Anon

"A huge thank you to all the team. Now I have perfect sight and thats a massive difference to someone who had to put on glasses on a morning to see the clock! No problems at all with surgery. Thanks again.”

24th June 2011 - Alison Prinn

"Thank you so much to Mr Danjoux for being so clever! With +12 and +13 with astigmatism, the lens replacements are an amazing result!”

7th June 2011 - Sue Beech

"Significantly impressed by the thoroughness and professionalism of my initial visit to discuss Clear Lens Replacement. Surprised to learn I had keratoconus and considerable astigmatism. Fitted in at short notice for error measurements and scans by the delightful Elaine "downstairs" to save me a further trip back here.”

7th June 2011 - Jan Norris

"Absolutely marvellous, so glad there done. Staff are really helpful, big thanks to Mr Danjoux. Worth every penny.”

10th May 2011 - Mary-Jean Parker

"Had my LASIK (both eyes) done on 13th. Very, very pleased! Got my life back.”

19th April 2011 - C Cowell (44 years)

"Back for my 2nd check-up after Clear Lens Exchange. I'm over the moon with the results. A big thank you to Mr Danjoux and the team. Next step is to get the rest of my families eyes done.”

14th April 2011 - Ian Alexander (Aged 55)

"A big thank you to all the team for the care and support can't believe I can see properly, a big difference from my -10 prescription. Definately changed my life.”

8th March 2011 - Grace

"Today is the day after having my second eye done. All I can say is that it is brilliant to be able to see without glasses or lenses. Being long sighted at +5 and +3.5 with astigmatism and a lazy eye, I thought that there was nothing that could be done for me. Yet here I am, able to see thanks to Mr Danjoux and his excellent team. Thank you.”

24th February 2011 - Lisa Potts

"What am I doing here? Long sighted, sick of contact lenses and spec. 1st eye 26th Jan 2011. Nervous, couldn't believe immediate result.
2nd eye 23rd Feb still nervous again, immediate result. Can't believe I can see without any assistance. 'Brilliant' best thing I have ever done. Thank you very much Mr Danjoux and your great team. If you're reading this 'go for it'. Best Wishes.”

February 2011 - Suzanne Basquil